Idea Clinic – Plastic Surgery in South Korea

Idea plastic surgical clinic in South Korea was founded in 2011 by 4 prominent plastic surgeons of the South Korea Plastic Surgery Association.
Country: South Korea    City: Seoul
  • Idea clinic aims to provide the best service in restorative and aesthetic plastic surgery, with consistent authenticity and accuracy.

    Idea Clinic surgeons have received extensive surgical expertise in various plastic surgery hospitals, prior to opening the clinic in 2011. The clinic's plastic surgeons have strong clinical experience, and the clinic boasts a wide correction surgery equipment range.

    Idea Clinic medical and service staff offer the best services, aimed at achieving optimal results at comfortable and satisfied recovery period, with maximum attention before and after operations and procedures.

    Idea Clinic has 3 large operation rooms, 5 ordinary operation rooms, a preparation room, a sterilizing room, a beauty room and a make up room. The clinic covers a total area of 1,000 square meters.

    IDEA Clinic has an antibacterial system for stem cell plastic surgery, based on an aseptic facility first launched in Korea among hospitals other than general hospitals.

    The clinic houses the following centers:

    Stem cell cosmetic surgery center: stem cell breast augmentation, stem cell implantation, autologus stem cell buttock lift, and liposuction-fat graft. Hair implantation is also available.

    Jaw and facial contours center: cheek reduction, jaw line surgery, chin surgery, prominent mouth surgery, and complex maxillofacial surgery

    Eye plastic center: double eyelid surgery, double eyelid recovery surgery, eye shape epithesis, epicanthal plastic surgery, epicanthal recovery surgery

    Nose plastic center: saddle nose plastic surgery, hooknose plastic surgery, short nose and long nose plastic surgery, big nose plastic surgery, curved nose plastic surgery, nose recovery surgery.

    Private secret plastic center: women and men specialized discrete procedures.

    Non invasive Clinic: Hyaluronic acid, laser treatments and botox injections.

  • Jaw and facial contours center:

    • cheek reduction
    • jawline surgery
    • chin surgery
    • mouth prominent surgery
    • Complex maxillofacial surgery


    Eye plastic center:

    • double eyelid surgery
    • double eyelid recovery surgery
    • eye shape epithesis
    • epicanthal plastic surgery
    • epicanthal recovery surgery


    Nose plastic center:

    • saddle nose plastic surgey
    • hooknose plastic surgery
    • short nose and long nose plastic surgery
    • big nose plastic surgery
    • curved nose plastic surgery
    • nose recovery surgery


    Private secret plastic center:

    • women and men specialized discrete procedures


    Stem cell cosmetic surgery center:

    • stem cell breast surgery
    • stem cell implantation
    • autologus stem cell carry buttock
    • and liposuction-fat graft, and hair implantation


    Non invasive Clinic:

    • Hyaluronic acid, laser treatments and botox injections.

    • Director Kwon Jang-Deok 

      Dr. Kwon has received his doctor’s degree from the esteemed Seoul University.Dr. Kwon has very high reputation in clients of relatively young age; from teens to the early thirties.

      Throughout his practice, Dr. Kwon has preformed plastic surgeries on South Korea movie stars and celebrities.

      Amongst his responsibilities in IDEA clinic, Dr. Kwok is in charge of technical representation.

      Dr. Kwok is the project director of the South Korean Plastic Surgery Medical Association; he is an active member of the South Korean Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics associations, and Cosmetic surgery Association.
      Director Kook Seong-Il 

      Dr. Kook possesses over 10 years of experience in the field of Anti-aging, continuously contributing to middle-aged clients’ desire to regain a youthful appearance.

      Dr. Kook specializes in plastic surgery for clients over 30, aiding them in natural and efficient recovery.

      In his extended clientele base, Dr. Kook has proudly treated a vast amount of South Korean movie stars and celebrities.

      Dr. Kook specializes in eyelid fat removal, fat re-configuration and wrinkles management.

      In addition to his private practice with IDEA clinic, Dr. Kook is a surgical professor at the Catholic University of Daegu.

      Dr. Kook is also the General director of the South Korean plastic surgery medical association, and he is an active member of the South Korean Plastic Surgery Association.

      Director Jin Hoon 

      Dr. Jin graduated from the highly acclaimed Yonsei University in Seoul. Dr. Jin is a well-known facial outline expert.

      To this day, Dr. Jin holds a 15 years experience record of plastic surgery without accidents.

      Dr. Jin is also the author of “Plastic Mode”.

      Dr. Jin has issued numerous articles in plastic surgery association magazines worldwide.

      At the moment, Dr. Jin serves as the Academic councilor of the South Korean plastic surgery association, the Academic councilor of South Korean Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery Association.

      Dr. Jin is also the Paper review committee member of America’s plastic and aesthetic surgery associations.

      Director Kook Kwang-Sik 

      South Korea’s representative expert in fat-related plastic surgery and stem cell plastic surgery.

      Dr. Kook is considered to be South Korea’s father of adipose stem cells use in aesthetic surgery.

      Dr. Kook serves as the Director of Idea Stem cell research institute, and he is a leader of plastic surgeons education and evaluation in South Korea.

      Dr. Kook is a Vice chairman of the South Korean plastic surgery medical association, and is also the Director of the South Korean plastic surgery association’s fat stem cell plastic researcher institute.

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