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Using the unique stem cell technologies innovated by Dr. Wu Li Ke since 2005, Wu Stem Cells Medical Center (WSCMC) has successfully treated over 2,000 patients suffering from various neurological diseases and injuries including Parkinson's disease, post-stroke, Batten's disease, ALS, MS, MSA, PSP, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, etc.
Country: China    City: Beijing
  • This rich experience laid a solid foundation for the application of stem cell technologies in order to treat these otherwise untreatable neurological diseases.

    SCMC facility is located in the Fengtai district of Beijing, away from the crowded and noisy downtown area of the city, with plenty of fresh air and green scenery. As a leading medical center that specializes in stem cell therapy, WSCMC provides the safest and most effective individualized treatment program with its highly experienced medical team, advanced technology and world-class medical care.

    SCMC’s clinical application is based on the results of stem cell research held over the last ten years. Scientifically, stem cells make it possible for incurable diseases to be treated, but clinically speaking, stem cells alone only have limited curative effect.

    he stem cells used for transplantation are all produced and processed in the SFDA (State Food and Drug Administration) certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facilities and inspected through WSCMC’s Quality Certificate Approval System. This ensures a product containing the highest quality and level of safety.

  • Currently, Wu Stem Cells Medical Center treats the following conditions:

    • Nervous system diseases:
      • Guillain Barre syndrome (GBS)
      • brachial plexus injuries
      • facial paralysis
      • myelitis
      • spinal cord injury (SCI)

    • Brain vascular diseases:
      • cerebral hemorrhage
      • cerebral infarction
      • abnormal vascular nets disease
      • brain injury

    • Infectious diseases:
      • viral encephalitis
      • encephalitis post-bacterial infection
      • Cerebral parasitic disease

    • Demyelinative diseases:
      • multiple sclerosis
      • ophthalmoneuromyelitis
      • acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
      • diffuse sclerosis and leukodystrophy

    • Movement disorders:
      • Parkinson's disease
      • chorea minor
      • hepatolenticular degeneration
      • Huntington’s disease
      • twitching Tourette's Syndrome

    • Nervous system degeneration diseases:
      • motor neuron disease
      • cerebellar atrophy
      • dementia
      • Multiple System Atrophy (MSA)
      • Epilepsy

    • Diseases that cause abnormal development of the nervous system,
      hereditary diseases and metabolic disorders
      • Batten disease
      • hereditary ataxia

    • Neuromuscular junction disease:
      • myasthenia Gravis

    • Muscular diseases:
      • muscular dystrophy
      • inflammatory myopathy 
      • myotrophy

    • Autoimmune diseases including, but not limited to:
      • systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus)
      • sicca syndrome
      • rheumatoid arthritis
      • ankylosing spondylitis
      • polyarteritis nodosa
      • Reynolds Syndrome

    • Diabetes mellitus:
      • types 1
      • type 2

    • Renal insufficiency at the early stage.

    • Eye disorders such as:
      • Optic nerve atrophy
      • Macular degeneration
      • Retinitis pigmentosa
      • Optic neuritis
      • Optic nerve hypoplasia
      • Diabetic retinopathy

    • Psychological disorders including:
      • depression
      • anxiety

  • Dr. Pearly Liu, MD 

    Dr. Liu is an attending physician at WSCMC, who has been engaged in clinical neurology for many years.

    Dr. Liu gained a lot of clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, especially in the field of neurology.

    Dr. Liu has worked in the field of scientific and clinical stem cell treatments for several years and has published more than 15 medical papers.

    Dr. Paul Xu, MD 

    Dr. Xu is an attending physician at WSCMC.

    Dr. Xu graduated from Hebei Capital Medical University, where Professor Ming Wei Wang instructed him (a well-known neurologist in China).

    During his employment in the neurology department of the 1st Affiliated Hospital of Hebei Medical University, Dr. Xu has mastered the diagnosis and treatment of common neurological diseases and preformed all types of neurology operations.

    Dr. Xu has done scientific work with neural stem cells, as well as clinical work for several years and has published more than 10 clinical research papers in peer-reviewed journals.

    Xiao Juan Wang MD, PhD (Associate Director)

    Dr. Wang's various research projects include collaboration with one of the top medical universities in the world, Johns Hopkins University.

    Dr. Wang has published more than 40 research articles about diabetes, cardiac and cerebral vascular diseases as well as the treatment of patients in critical situations.

    She is a member of the Chinese Medical Association, China Physicians Association, and the Distinguished Researcher of the China Science Management Committee.

    As the chief neurologist at WSCMC, Dr. Wang brings an impressive amount of knowledge and expertise, which enhances the quality of medical care that patients expect to receive.

    Li Ke Wu MD, PhD  (Managing Director)

    Dr. Wu is a pre-eminent expert in the use of stem cell technology for treating various neurological diseases in China today.

    Dr. Wu's many years of education and research experience in the field has earned him a large amount of awards and recognition in the neurology field. His accomplishments include over 30 published research articles, along with contributions to several other medical publications.

    Dr. Wu brings his passion and knowledge for treating neurological diseases with stem cell technology, and along with an equally dedicated medical and support team, works hard every day to improve the quality of lives of patients who come through WSCMC’s doors.

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